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Press Repression in Kashmir Continues as India Bars Journalist from Traveling Abroad

On 27th July, Kashmiri journalist, Aakash Hassan was barred from traveling abroad as authorities at airport in New Delhi stamped his boarding pass with ‘canceled without prejudice’. Journalist Aakash Hassan wrote on his Twitter handle that immigration officials at the airport in New Delhi barred him from boarding a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was headed to report on the current crises in the country. The immigration officials took his passport, boarding pass and made him sit in a room for four hours. After making him wait for five hours, without providing even water to drink, he was handed over his passport and boarding pass with a red rejection stamp. Earlier this month, Kashmiri photojournalist Sanna Irshad Mattoo was denied permission to travel abroad for a scheduled photography exhibition in Paris. ( Source: )

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