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India Seizes Property of Pro-Freedom Kashmiri Leader Who is Already Under Illegal Detention

On 13th June, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) seized the property of incarcerated pro-freedom Kashmiri leader, Ayaz Akbar, at Shalteng area of Srinagar. Ayaz Akbar has been under illegal detention for the past 6 years for his participation in Kashmiri right to self-determination movement.

The property was not owned by Ayaz Akbar, but instead his father, Muhammad Akbar Khanday. Ayaz Akbar’s wife passed away in April after a prolonged battle with cancer, and Ayaz was denied participating in her funeral or visiting her in her last moments. She was buried in his absence.

A day earlier, on 12th June, the same agency had seized three properties of Kashmiri businessman Zahoor Watali, who is also battling with cancer. He has also been accused of working with Kashmiri pro-freedom activists. He was kept in prolonged detention for more than a year, before finally being shifted to house-detention due to his last-stage cancer.

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