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On August 5, the Indian government abrogated Article 370 and revokes Article 35A, putting to an end the last remnants of the so-called “autonomy” and “special status” that India had offered to Kashmiris as an incentive after it militarily occupied them. The removal of these articles paves the way for Indians citizens to settle in Kashmir, a long standing demand of Hindu nationalist RSS. India’s settler-colonial project takes a systematic shape. Indian officials spoke about establishing “Israeli-style settler colonies” in Kashmir. A mass-detention drive began. Teenagers, women, and all dissidents were detained under acts like the PSA and the UAPA. Houses of political activists were raided and sealed. Journalists were intimidated. A communication blockade was imposed and the internet shut down so as to prevent Kashmiris from voicing their protest, and to prevent the world from hearing about Kashmir. The internet ban lasted for seven months, termed as “a collective punishment” by the UN experts.

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