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India expels Kashmiri Muslim employees due to their alleged “anti-India” activities

On June 8th, India expelled four Kashmiri Muslim employees from employment for their alleged involvement in anti-India and pro-freedom activities. 

The expelled employees include two police officers, a water-department worker, and a teacher. 

The decision was made under Article 311 of the Constitution of India, which allows the government the arbitrary authority to take such actions in the interest of “national security” without an enquiry or accountability. 

The expulsion is part of the systematic dispossession of Kashmiri Muslims. In November, 2023, for example, India similarly ordered termination of four Kashmiri Muslim employees for their “anti-India” and pro self-determination views. The expelled employees include a medical doctor and a teacher.

Since the Modi government took charge of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 when Article 370 was read down, more than 50 employees have been terminated from employment using Article 311. India is forcing Kashmiri Muslims to choose between employment and their right to self-determination and dignity.

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