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As G-20 meeting draws near in Jammu and Kashmir, thousands of Kashmiris reportedly arrested

On 29th April, a Kashmir documentation network reported that thousands of Kashmiris have been put behind bars as the G-20 meeting in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir draws near. The arrests are being viewed as an effort by India to project a forced normalcy in the region during the meeting, as the pro self-determination Kashmiris may have organized peacefully during the meeting in order to register their protest against it.

One Kashmiri citizen journalist and blogger stated that about 2789 Kashmiris have been detained illegally in the past week. Kashmiri analysts have argued that the countries who are going to participate in the meeting are effectively legitimizing the human rights violations that India has been carrying out in the region unabatedly. Legal Forum for Kashmir, a prominent indigenous human rights organization, maintains that around 3018 Kashmiris have been subjected to illegal detention in order to prevent them from voicing their protest against Indian human rights violations during the G-20 summit.

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