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Talking Points For Bill & Melinda Gates

The first sentence in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s mission is “ALL LIVES HAVE EQUAL VALUE.” We assume that includes the indigenous people of #Kashmir and the citizens of #Assam;

The second point in the Foundation’s mission is to “ENSURE MORE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE SURVIVE AND THRIVE.” As the Foundation might know, schools in Kashmir are yet to be reopened after the Indian military intervention in early August. Children are the number one victims of these military operations.

For decades schools have been shut down repeatedly. In 2016, the most recent data available, schools in Kashmir were open for only 4 months of the year. Scholars have not cleared Modi of the massacre of Gujarat. For this, he was banned from entering the USA, UK, and Canada for 10 years, and only regained the right to enter when he acquired diplomatic immunity by becoming the Indian Prime Minister.

Indian Prime Minister Modi is a member of RSS which was banned in India four times including once because one of their leaders killed Gandhi.

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