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Statement on Martyrs’ Day in Kashmir

On this solemn occasion of 92nd Martyrs’ Day, Justice for All stands in solidarity with the people of Kashmir as they remember the tragic events of July 13, 1931. We pay homage to the brave Kashmiris who sacrificed their lives for justice, freedom, and self-determination in the face of foreign occupation.

It was on that fateful day when the foreign occupying Dogra troops callously opened fire, mercilessly taking the lives of 22 innocent Kashmiris in front of the Srinagar Central Jail. This brutal act of violence marked a turning point in the history of Kashmir, igniting a flame of resistance that has burned bright for over nine decades.

Since that ominous day, Kashmiris have demonstrated unwavering resilience, organizing peaceful protests, seminars, and conferences around the world to bring attention to their just cause. Their steadfast determination to secure their right to self-determination remains an inspiration to human rights advocates worldwide.

Today, India prevented Kashmiris from marching towards the Martyrs’ graveyard and performing prayers at the graveyard, militarizing the graveyard and installing barricades outside it. India has organized a war against memory, trying to deny Kashmiri Muslims the right to remain connected to their history of resistance.

Martyrs’ Day serves as a reminder of the immense sacrifices made by the people of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom. It is a day to reflect on more than 100,000 lives lost during the decades of Indian occupation, reminding us of the urgency to address the long-standing humanitarian crisis in the region.

Justice for All firmly believes in the principles of justice, equality, and the right to self-determination. We call upon the international community to recognize and respect the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, who yearn for peace, dignity, and the opportunity to shape their own destiny.

We urge governments, organizations, and individuals to join us in supporting the Kashmiri people in their pursuit of justice and self-determination. Together, we can work towards a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict, ensuring that the rights and aspirations of all Kashmiris are respected and protected. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

On this Martyrs’ Day, let us honor the memory of the fallen heroes of Kashmir and renew our commitment to standing up for justice, human rights, and the fundamental principles of humanity. Only through collective efforts can we bring an end to the suffering and pave the way for a brighter future for the people of Kashmir. Let human rights and justice prevail over economic interests.

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