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Muslims of Atlanta Observed Day of Solidarity With Kashmir

On 5th February, the Muslim community of Metro Atlanta, GA observed a Day of Solidarity with the people of Kashmir appreciating their struggle for freedom during the most trying days of lock down.

The event was organized by Justice for All, South East in collaboration with the Greenville Islamic Center of Lawrenceville, GA.

The audience consisted of all parts of the Indo Pak subcontinent; Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Azad Kashmir and the valley of Kashmir. Speakers highlighted the unwavering courage and wisdom of Kashmiris shown at during the last 6 months of nerve-wreaking curfew.

Dr. Abdul Jabbar of Justice for All said that people living in the United States and Europe can play a very effective role towards the freedom of Kashmir by through advocacy and lobbying through coalitions, alliances and partnerships. He emphasized building coalitions with persuasive human rights organizations. He talked about what could be achieved through the unity and integrity of Kashmiris in the US.

Mr. Qazi from the valley of Kashmir shared heart touching stories of Kashmiri families surviving in lock down areas. He mentioned announcements are made by the Indian army every other day for the besieged people to assemble at a certain place. The people are forced to stay there for the whole day otherwise to face grave consequences.

Mr. Manzoor Khalid, Chairman of the Masjid al Momineen at Clarkston, GA, indicated those areas in which American Muslims can help their curfew ridden brothers.

A Kashmiri activist requested the community “Stand With Kashmir” by calling their respective Congressmen or Senators to play their role for Kashmir on behalf of their constituents.

Dr. Rashid Malik, contesting for US Congress District 7 Georgia, emphasized to the Metro Atlanta community to struggle for the rights of all the oppressed people irrespective of their ethnic background.

The Solidarity Day proceedings concluded with dua for the people of Kashmir by Mufti Shareef Ahmed.

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