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Kashmiri students beaten up by Hindu nationalists during a cricket match

On 14th November, Kashmiri Muslim students were beaten up by Hindu nationalists for allegedly supporting Pakistan in a cricket match between Pakistan and England. The incident happened at Lajpat Rai Group of Institutions in Punjab[7]. Many Kashmiri students were injured and were hospitalized. Instead of taking action against the individuals who attacked Kashmiri students, the police ended up arresting Kashmiri students as well, keeping them in detention for hours. The attack is not a singular or new incident, as Kashmiri students studying in India have faced such assaults and attacks in the past as well[8]. In February, this year, three Kashmiri students spent over 100 days in prison for cheering for Pakistan on social media during a cricket match. The families of the three students could not even bail them out due to their extreme poverty.[9] They were charged with “cyber-terrorism”.




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