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Kashmiri Homes Reduced To Rubble

At least a dozen homes were reduced to rubble by Indian forces in Srinagar, the main city in Indian-administered Kashmir, residents have told Al Jazeera.

Sr. Afroza was inconsolable as she stood on the charred floor  of her house in the Nawa Kadal neighbourhood, everything around her turned to ashes, even her children’s books.

“From a distance, we saw our home in flames. It was a storm for us. Where would we go now? We had a roof over our head till yesterday that my husband had built with his lifetime hard work and today we have nothing”.

“When they knocked at our door, we did not even get a chance to take our clothes, cash and medicines”, one resident in Nawa kadal reported.

Explosions and gunshots had echoed through the densely populated Nawa Kadal neighborhood, the streets largely empty as a result of a coronavirus lockdown that has kept most residents to their homes. Read rest here

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