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Kashmiri Female Political Prisoners Separated from Each Other, Shifted to Different Wards

On 26th July, family members of three Kashmiri female political prisoners reached out to us, informing us that their incarcerated loved ones have been separated from each other and shifted to different wards. Asiya Andrabi, Nahida Nasreen, and Sofi Fehmeeda have been in jail since 2017 for their participation in the Kashmiri self-determination movement.

The three prisoners suffer from various ailments, with Andrabi on oxygen support, and Fehmeeda on a wheelchair and unable to move without assistance. The three Kashmiri prisoners would help each other, and the family members hold that the jail authorities are “punishing” them by isolating them from each other. The authorities have provided the prisoners with no substantial grounds for the move, merely stating that it’s a an order from “higher-ups”.

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