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Kashmiri civilian crushed to death by Indian police vehicle, yet again

On 1st June, an elderly man was crushed to death by a police vehicle when he was crossing the road in Hawal area of Srinagar, following which he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

The deceased Kashmiri civilian has been identified as Abdul Salam, aged 65. Though a case has been registered against the driver of the vehicle, the incident is part of a long pattern of such deaths. 

In May, for instance, a Kashmiri civilian was crushed to death by an Indian army vehicle as he was walking. Another Kashmiri civilian was similarly killed in the month of March after being hit by an Indian army vehicle. A small kid aged thirteen became another victim when he was crushed to death by an army vehicle in the month of April.

Though such incidents have a longer history, since 2019, not a single year has passed that has not witnessed multiple killings of Kashmiri civilians at the hands of army or police vehicles. 

No army personnel or policeman to this date has been prosecuted for causing the death of Kashmiri civilians. Such deaths are marked as accidents, despite the recurrent nature of such occurrences. 

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