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Indian state attaches properties belonging to socio-religious welfare organization

On January 7th, the Indian State Investigation Agency (SIA) Saturday attached/confiscated around 5 properties belonging to banned socio-religious welfare organization Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) at different locations in south Kashmir. The JeI has been banned, their members detained, and their properties confiscated, because of their alleged participation in and support for the Kashmiri struggle for right to self-determination[7].

The National Investigation Agency of India has been staging raids and seizing properties under the increased authority that it received when the Indian government revoked Kashmir’s limited autonomy in 2019. Since then, the agency has conducted raids across the valley in a bid to crush pro-freedom activists and freedom fighters who enjoy popular support in the occupied region despite the unending human rights violations. Many of the recent property seizures were conducted by a newly constituted local police force called the State Investigative Agency. These agencies work together and divide the work of oppressing Kashmiris amongst themselves.

On December 18, last year, SIA stated that JeI properties worth 1 billion rupees [$12.1 million] were seized in several districts of the valley. The agency also said it has identified 188 properties belonging to JeI whose owners either have been “notified or are under the process of being notified for further legal action.”[8]

JeI is renowned for its welfare work in Kashmir, especially for organizing and building schools and rehabilitation centers for the needy and destitute. Many of JeI schools were also shut down by the Indian state, jeopardizing the education of countless Kashmiri kids.



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