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Indian Forces Commit a Custodial Killing of a young Kashmiri Muslim boy

On 9th July, a Kashmiri 21-year-old boy named Muslim Ahmed Lone was picked up from his house by Indian state officials in Srinagar. According to the family members, the officials, all dressed in civilian clothing, later handed over his dead body to them. The police have issued a statement in which they acknowledge picking him up. But they maintain that during interrogation his health condition got worse and he died a natural death in hospital after being returned to his family. The family and neighbors dismiss police’s narrative as concocted, asserting that it’s a custodial murder. Custodial murders have a long documented history in Kashmir. In the March of 2019, a pro-freedom Kashmiri schoolteacher named Rizwan Asad was killed in custody due to excessive torture by police officials, a fact that was confirmed by post-mortem findings. ( Sources:

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