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Indian paramilitary troopers closes the road leading to Clock tower with barbed wire during curfew in Srinagar , Indian Administered Kashmir on 05 August 2019. Strict curfew was implemented in Kashmir on 05 August 2019 following the decision to scrap Article 370 which gave a special status to Kashmiri people. A complete communication blackout and curfew is implemented in Kashmir Valley from Midnight 05 August 2019.

India seizes land belonging to the family of a Kashmiri pro-freedom activist

On December 6th, Jammu and Kashmir police seized a residential land belonging to a Kashmiri family in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district. 

The land belonged to the family of a Kashmiri pro-freedom activist, Irfan Ahmad Bhat. The land was seized under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), and identified as “proceeds of militancy”. 

India has used UAPA systematically against dissidents both in mainland India and also in occupied Kashmir. 

Under the Act, employees have been expelled for their political views and affiliations and their houses and residences confiscated. 

On the very next day, on December 7th, four more properties were seized under the same provisions. 

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