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India Jails Kashmiri Activists for Seeking to “Revive” Movement for Kashmiri Self-Determination

On 9th July, Indian authorities in Srinagar raided a hotel and arrested 10 Kashmiri political activists who advocate Kashmir’s right to self-determination. The activists, non-violent and dissident, had gathered to informally discuss the Kashmiri movement for freedom and its future.

The police claim that the activists sought to “revive” two pro-freedom political organizations that India has illegally banned, namely Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, and Hurriyat. The activists were initially detained at Kothi Bagh police station in Srinagar, and have been booked under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, that severely criminalizes any and all forms of pro-freedom activism.

The police has stated that it will be making further arrests in this case.

In Kashmir, the UAPA is being used to repress all forms of dissent and expression of the people against the ongoing occupation and settler colonization. India is expanding the definition of “terrorism” to include all pro-freedom activity, including its non-violent expression. This further endangers Kashmiri civil society and rights defenders.

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