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India expels 55 Kashmiri Muslim employees for their alleged links with self-determination movement

On November 6th, in a report by Hindustan Times, it was revealed that the Indian government in Kashmir, led by lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha, has expelled 55 Kashmiri Muslim employees from their employment for allegedly espousing pro-freedom views and promoting the right to self-determination movement. 

The expulsions were undertaken after the abrogation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s nominal autonomy in 2019. India has constituted a specialized task force in 2021 to identify and surveil Kashmiri employees who might favor Kashmir’s self-determination right, in order for them to be removed from employment. 

A Kashmiri female employee, speaking to us on the condition of anonymity, stated that she was suspended temporarily from her employment for not uploading a status on WhatsApp celebrating India’s Independence Day in the month of August.

Similarly, in February this year, a school-teacher was expelled for a Facebook post critical of the Indian government.

Another government employee was fired in 2020 for a post in which he had criticized India’s plans to alter the Muslim-majority status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In July, India fired three government employees, including a university official, for alleged “anti-national activities”, which is India’s euphemism for pro-freedom activism or any criticism of its human rights violations.

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