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India continues economic dispossession of Kashmiris as Indian Home Minister issues a threat to dissidents

On December 11th, India’s right-wing extremist Home Minister, Amit Shah, stated that those in Kashmir who have a history of pro-freedom activism and any sorts of links with the self-determination movement will not be allowed any jobs or employment.

India has systematically removed, and continues to, all those Kashmiri employees who are found to have any sympathetic views of the Kashmiri self-determination movement, or views critical of the Hindu nationalist government of Modi. 

For example, in August this year, a Kashmiri lecturer was suspended for pleading against abrogation of Article 370 in the Supreme Court of India, though the suspension was later revoked. 

Last month, in a report by Hindustan Times, it was revealed that the Hindu nationalist Indian government in Kashmir, led by lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha, has expelled more than 55 Kashmiri Muslim employees from their employment for allegedly espousing pro-freedom views and promoting the right to self-determination movement.

India has persistently punished Kashmiri Muslim employees for their political dissent by denying them their livelihoods.

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