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Hindu Hymns Being Played on Loudspeakers Installed in the Barracks of Kashmiri Muslim Political Prisoners

On 18th May, the family of a female Kashmiri political prisoner lodged in New Delhi’s Tihar Jail reached out to us. The family stated that in the prison ward where their family member has been incarcerated, along with other Kashmiri female Muslim political prisoners, the jail authorities, headed by a Brahmin police officer, have installed loudspeakers.

On different occasions of the day, Hindu hymns are played aloud on the loudspeakers, despite the fact that no prisoner in the ward is a Hindu. The family added that the request by the prisoners that Adhan be played on these speakers during prayer timings was rejected.

The use of loudspeakers to psychologically torment the Muslim prisoners is another manifestation of the Hindutva ideology that governs life in India.

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