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Stand up to uphold Justice

    Contact the Hindu American Foundation, which has ties with the RSS the group that has fueled the BJP’s hate filled rhetoric and to which PM Modi is a member.

    “Ask them to condemn the new Indian law, and Hindutva, the nationalistic ideology of PM Modi and his BJP party that is wrreaking havoc in India now. This ideology promotes the desecularization of India and promotes Hinduism as the dominant religion in a country that prides itself on being a pluralistic, secular democracy.

    Hindutva is a dangerous ideology. This ideology is the foundation of the RSS– Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh– which means the “”National Volunteer Organisation”” or “”National Patriotic Organisation””. RSS is an Indian right-wing , Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organisation. RSS is also considered as parent organisation of BJP. The BJP is the current ruling party of PM Modi, which has taken actions targetting Muslim minority communities in India and around the region.

    HAF promotes Hindutva, the RSS and BJP; this is problematic and we must hold them to account for their support.

    Phone: 202.223.8222


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