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Jacinda and Modi

PM Ardern Don’t Endorse A Fascist & Murderer With The Gates Foundation

    It hurts to be betrayed by a friend.
    When the savage attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand led to the deaths of dozens of Muslims last March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gained the world’s admiration when she showed her solidarity with the victims of Islamophobia.

    However, she is a major speaker at the upcoming Gates Foundation Goalkeeper’s Gala, where she and others will be recognizing this year’s recipients of the Foundation’s Goalkeeper’s awards. One of the recipients is the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
    By helping to reward Modi, Prime Minister Ardern will go from acting as a champion and defender of human rights to awarding one of their greatest enemies.

    She is not the only one. This is beyond absurd. Philanthropy shouldn’t involve rewarding mass murderers.
    Let’s make them hear about it.

    Call the New Zealand Ambassador’s Office
    Please call the New Zealand Ambassador to the U.S., Ms. Rosemary Banks, at (202) 328-4800.

    Press “O” in the automated menu to connect with the receptionist. Then, ask to speak with the ambassador herself. Whether or not she is available, deliver this message:

    “I am asking Prime Minister Ardern to please withdraw her participation in the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeeper award ceremony next week. As a renowned champion of human rights for all people, the Prime Minister shouldn’t endorse the Foundation’s decision to reward Narendra Modi, who has proven himself to be an enemy of human rights by re-invading Kashmir and placing 8 million Kashmiris under arrest.”

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