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Andy Levin

Thank Representative Andy Levin on his support for Kashmir

    Thank you, Representative Levin, for holding the Indian government accountable for its actions in Kashmir. If India continues to claim itself to be the world’s largest democracy then it must answer for its gross violation of democratic values and ideals.

    Continued pressure from the U.S., like you, have exhibited in your letter, is necessary to ensure if we are to ensure freedom and safety for 14 million Kashmiris in the region. We applaud your tenacity in seeking justice and ask that you continue to pressure the Indian government to answer for the thousands of boys arbitrarily detained, allow free access to foreign journalists and U.S. officials like yourself, removal of military forces and a complete restoration of communication for all of its citizenry. 

    Thank You @RepAndyLevin for holding the Indian government responsible for their role in Kashmir. We need answeres to your questions Click To Tweet

    Andy Levin @RepAndyLevin

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