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Respond to Our Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal

    Alhamdulillah we have succeeded in getting our Op-Ed published in the Wall Street Journal: On Human Rights, the Democrats Are Silent; it is based on our research that has been summarized in this graphic here:

    Here are some excerpts:

    In the Democratic presidential primary, several candidates have tried to position themselves as the most authentic progressive in the race…
    …why has there been such deafening silence on human rights?…—from Kashmir to Xinjiang and Hong Kong to Burma—Democratic candidates have gone silent.
    ….Silence is complicity.
    In January 2017 at the National Press Club in Washington, a reporter asked me: “What are the regional implications if the world fails to stop genocide in Burma?”….
    More than half a million Rohingya civilians…Millions of Kashmiris are suffering under mob violence and military occupation. Behind curfews and communications blackouts, civilians disappear without a trace—only to be exhumed in mass graves. In Xinjiang, China….
    Evidence of human-rights abuses has been piling up around the world while candidates for America’s highest office remain silent….
    Why have we been afraid to stand up to dictators? Why did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation give an award t…?
    If America no longer fights for human rights, then ultimately no one is safe from persecution—including us…

    Abdul Malik Mujahid, On Human Rights, the Democrats Are Silent
    Wall Street Journal

    Here is what we need you to do:

    1. Sign up for a WSJ subscription if you don’t already have one
      1. (There is a special deal of just $1 for 2 months right now, sign up here.)
    2. Share the article:
      1. With all of your contacts to spread the word
      2. With anyone involved in the Presidential Campaigns that you might know
      3. With any Presidential Candidates if they are your current Congressperson or Senator.
    3. Comment on the article and respond to build up the conversation, we cannot afford to be silent.
    4. Watch Tonight’s Presidential Debate and Tweet the article using the #DemsDebate hashtag
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