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Learn the Context

    What has happened in Kashmir is the result of a larger context of change in India’s general government and policies. Learn about the causes so we can come up with more effective solutions.

    Read and share this incredibly detailed article by Arundhati Roy that describes the situation in Kashmir as well as the larger context of what has been happening in India and led us to the state of affairs we have today.

    The Indian government has made it clear that the only option for Kashmiris is complete capitulation, that no form of resistance is acceptable—violent, nonviolent, spoken, written, or sung. Yet Kashmiris know that to exist, they must resist.

    Why should they want to be a part of India? For what earthly reason? If freedom is what they want, freedom is what they should have.

    It’s what Indians should want, too. Not on behalf of Kashmiris, but for their own sake. The atrocity being committed in their name involves a form of corrosion that India will not survive. Kashmir may not defeat India, but it will consume India. In many ways, it already has.

    Arundhati Roy “India: Intimations of an Ending” The Nation
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