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Demand the reactivation of Kashmiri WhatsApp Accounts!

    It has been four months since the internet has been shut down by the Indian government in Indian held Kashmir. Yesterday morning there were reports that WhatsApp has deactivated the accounts of residents of Jammu & Kashmir because of the inactivity for the past four months as per their standard company policy. We need to tweet to WhatsApp and Facebook management so that these accounts, inactive since August 4, 2019, are not canceled or disabled. The ones that were canceled yesterday should be reactivated. There is a chance that the users might also lose the data if timely action is not taken by Facebook management.

    There is NO fault of subscribers in it. It is a Government Led Shutdown. The loss of data will bring a lot of inconvenience to the subscribers. It will bring losses to businessmen, families will lose memories and WhatsApp groups will lose important decisions, planning and data.

    @wcathcart Kashmiris have been under communications lockdown for over 120 days. They can’t use @WhatsApp even if they want to. Reinstate their accounts! They haven’t seen messages from family & friends for days. #whatsappKashmir Click To Tweet

    Share the messages of love that you have sent and your loved ones haven’t seen #whatsappKashmir

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