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Call & Thank Rep Jayapal

    “I just hope that we will make a very strong statement on the detentions and raise it at the highest level. This is unacceptable and we hope to bring a bipartisan resolution on that,” @RepJayapala #FreeKashmir Click To Tweet Thank you @RepJayapala for your decison to initiate a resolution on the mass detentions in Kashmir. We are particularly concerned aboyut the thousands of missing Kashmiri boys, taken by the Indian military #freeKashmiriboys… Click To Tweet

    Sample Calling Script

    “Thank you Representative Jayapal for taking a critical and necessary look at the Indian government’s actions in Kashmir, and for stating that you will introduce a bi-partisan resolution on Kashmir. As an Indian-American representative thank you for criticizing the BJP and RSS and stating the well known fact that minorities are in danger, which you yourself took note of during your recent visit in India. We thank you for being a courageous moral voice.”

    Pramila Jayapal @RepJayapal

    • Washington’s 7th congressional district
      • Democratic
      • 1510 Longworth House Office Building, Washington. DC 20515
      • Phone: 202-225-3106
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